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"It's just one little can. One little can can't change the world." Ever heard that? Makes you shake your head at the ignorance, doesn't it? That one little can is energy, water, pollution savings, jobs and more money for your home town to spruce up, perk up and stand up. It's not what it can't do, but what it can do... FOR YOU!

Enjoy counting beans? All over North Carolina, people just like you are employed, pay taxes, spend money and invest in their communities thanks to recycling. The stuff you recycle means that 14,000 North Carolinians have a job and that means money for the economy.

Still not convinced? Wanna know the #1 thing you can do to help curb climate change, the effects of asthma and red level alert days? Reduce, reuse, recycle. No joke. Recycling helps lower emissions of smog-forming gases.


First step: Recycle your stuff. That's just basic.
Second step: Get on your friends if they don't recycle their stuff. You don't have to be all mean about it, just let them know!
Third step: Dispel myths!

Sample Myth #1 Recycled stuff just ends up in the trash anyway.
TRUTH: Now, we can't say that some bottle placed in a recycling bin never ended up in a landfill, but the fact of the matter is that people who make bikes, buildings, bad cars, banjos, bird cages, beer bottles, bi-weekly magazines, you name it, need recycled stuff from you! Why would towns pay to throw it away when there's money in the deal?

Sample Myth #2 Recycling paper takes jobs away from lumberjacks.
TRUTH: If you're calling them lumberjacks, you don't know what you're talking about. That's so 1885. North Carolina's paper industry NEEDS paper! They WANT paper! They still grow and cut down trees but it isn't enough... they need your old Cosmo to make into tomorrow's Time
Where'd you go Nessy?

Sample Myth #3
Recycling's hard.
TRUTH: If you think that, you must think Sasquatch is still on the loose. Hey, while you're at it, don't go flashing your lights at a car with only one headlight and I think Nessy is calling you to the Loch.

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