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2010 Webinar - Using Social Media and Mobile Phones for Recycling - Slidedeck; Podcast

2009 Webinar - Social Media Video: A How To. Right click link and choose "Save Link As." Once zip file is saved to your computer, right click file and choose "Extract All." Click Next, Next. Open the extracted folder, then open .wmv file. blog
Visit's blog to read and share great up-to-date, recycling and social marketing information.

Nothing But Truth: Myths and truths about recycling

Why Recycle?: Facts that help show why people should recycle.

Recycling Cycle: Details just what the recycling process is, from pick up to a recycling facility back into production.

N.C. Stats & Facts: Interesting stats and facts about recycling different materials in North Carolina.

Make-up of N.C.'s Waste Stream: Click to download the Waste Stream poster as [ 8.5 x 11 pdf ] or [ 11 x 17 pdf ].

Material Request Form: N.C. recycling coordinators may download form and return to N.C. DEACS. Items will be shipped or delivered while supplies last. (doc format). logo
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Download and browse through the collection of's Posters for print or web use.

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Download royalty free Stock photo images of recyclable and recycled content materials for web or print use.

Download Recycling Stickers and decals to print and use.

RE3 Resource Calendar: Links to resource calendar, where you can see if the booth (tent, tables, chairs, recycling bins) are available to borrow.

Colleague Contact: Links to a map of local government's recycling coordinators around North Carolina.

Recycling bin
Recycle Bins: Recycling bin funding and inexpensive bin ideas [Word].

Landfill Diagram: Ever wonder how a landfill is constructed? Well this poster breaks it down for you – beneath the garbage and above [JPG] or [PDF].

Banned Materials: Information on North Carolina's disposal ban on plastic bottles, oil filters and wooden pallets.