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Increasing Recycling Participation: Find information to help you improve the recycling performance in your city or county and the programs that serve them.

Social Marketing: Defines social marketing and techniques to make it work for your recycling program.

Social Media: Reprint of “Friendly Recycling” article in Resource Recycling’s December 2009 issue. Learn about’s use of social media to educate about recycling.

Social Media: Use of New Media to Cause Recycling Behavior Change - Use of social media to promote recycling resulted in improved attitudes about recycling and increased recycling rates on a university campus.

Media Options: Pros and cons of various media. Explains which options will work best for your recycling program and audience (pdf format).

Group Activities: Public outreach activities from your recycling colleagues (pdf format) .

The guys
School Recycling: partners with the Recycle Guys to spread recycling messages to schools.

Event & Venue Recycling: How to initiate recycling at your event and venue.

College and University Recycling: Examples of recycling from N.C. collegiate recycling programs.

Collection & Materials: Learn more about increasing collections and range of recyclable materials (pdf format).

Commodity Fluctuations: Markets turn discarded materials into commodities, requiring a different way of thinking about waste (pdf format).

Working with the Private Sector: Collectors, Processors and End-users play a vital role in North Carolina recycling programs (pdf format).

NC Material Recovery Facility Map: Locate your nearest material recovery facility that is sorting, baling and marketing your recyclable material [JPG] or [PDF].

Other recycling campaigns
Other Recycling Campaigns: Recycle Guys (for kids) and Recycle More NC (for adults).